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A Fool for Language

I’ll admit it: I’m a fool for language. I fall hard and I fall fast, each time a new one stumbles across my path unexpectedly.

Sometimes it happens intentionally as I invade its personal space in exploration of new territories, cultures, and ways of thinking. Sometimes it happens rather unexpectedly as someone enters my life bringing with them fascinating thoughts only properly understood by learning their native tongue.

You might say I get around.

The fall has happened five times thus far in my life:

  • French

  • Norwegian

  • Russian

  • Ancient Greek

  • German

Each one has been an affair to remember: I delve deep into everything the new language has to offer and through every bond I learn to empathize with new emotions and dismantle cultural barriers.

Language is wonderfully charming; how could a girl resist?

Language is shaped by and shapes its users, those who dare to dream in its words and ignite ideas with its sounds.

I feel blessed to have lived with an ever-growing sense of wanderlust. The more I see of this world, the more languages I fall for and with each one, I develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing myself.

I want to help people who have yet to fall in love like I have. I want to draw connections between words and fill in the awkward gaps of jokes and flirts made between foreign tongues.

With this aim, I embarked nearly a decade ago on a path of linguistics study and work. I’ve completed degrees in Russian, Ancient Greek, and Translation and worked in the industry with agencies and as a freelancer. This blog will reflect on my previous experiences, my budding freelance career, and my hopes for the future.

I hope my language journey can inspire you along yours.

Go get linguistic

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